What We Offer?

“Mind your coin, you may never know when!”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

KooPinoy accepts time deposit and regular savings deposits. In return, comparably high interest rates were offered to account holders, both regular and associate members. This is to inculcate our members the value and importance of savings. We do also involve the young ones to be part of our growing family in terms of savings through Young Savers Club. This Young Savers Club aims to impart the essence of savings at the very young age. What are you waiting for? Be a Member and Be one of Us!

"Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.”
― Warren Buffett

KooPinoy Deposits Features

Regular Deposit

Enjoy the easiest way to grow your money with regular deposit.

Time Deposit

Time is gold. Enjoy high interest rate on your time deposit.

myFuture Savings Fund

Pool your hard earned money and let us customize your savings plan. Reach your dream with myFuture Savings Plan

To customize your own Savings PlanDownload myFuture Savings Fund Calculator

Young Saver's Club

Teach your kids the values of both cooperation and savings at young age. Register them to Young Cooperators, a Laboratory Cooperative of SIDC and open a Young Savers Club Savings account.

Benefits for Depositors

High Interest on Deposits.

Local and International Trip Incentives (Top Depositor and Top Borrower with good payment records)


Tax-Free on Savings

Insured under Cooperative Deposit Insurance System (CODIS) up to Php100,000.00

With issued passbook or certificate.

How to Avail: Apply in three (3) easy steps

KooPinoy makes Savings and Deposits so easy.


Be a Member (Associate or Regular Membership)


Fill up the Depositors Personal Data Card, deposit slip and payment


Passbook Insurance


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